Krishna Bipin Mehta

Welcome to the world of Academician and Legal Consultant Krishna Bipin Mehta, who holds PhD in Law with a specialization in Intellectual Property Rights(IPR), and a wide experience of more than thirteen years in legal consultancy and academics. Her expertise includes procuring IPs for clients, drafting Contracts, and Confidential Agreements. She is also associated with various Universities as an Adjunct Professor and considers herself a passionate teacher. 

She is a PoSH Trainer and is conducting various PoSH awareness sessions for educational institutions and corporates. She has curated various activities to engage the audience for this important yet sensitive topic.

She can be approached for legal consultancy - academic sessions - training workshops - awareness seminars on Intellectual Property Rights, POSH law, and various other laws. 

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Connect with Dr. Krishna for conducting PoSH training. She is also a Member of Internal Committee of NKP Industries, Gujarat. She has conducted more than 50 PoSH awareness sessions / full trainings in various educational as well as corporate organizations. She has customised the training material to engage the trainees in nicer way. 

Dr. Krishna is teaching various courses on Intellectual Property Rights since 2008 and is trying to create awareness amongst various stakeholders including undergraduate and postgraduate students of law, management, technology and design students. She is creating awareness of Intellectual Property Rights since then. 

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