mindful living

In her childhood days, she used to read 'champak', the children's daily digest. The habit of reading, generally, is inculcated either from family or from school. She has inculcated the habit of reading from her family - be it fashion magazine Femina or business-related digest like Business India or Readers Digest or for that matter Auto - the magazine which highlights automobile industry updates. Recently, she has been a key member of Mindful Living Circle, which started in April 2019, with an aim to enhance the mindful living practices in day to day life. Mindful Living Circle is a weekly circle that reads a book mainly on mindfulness. 

List of books which has transformed her life

The Power of Now

by Eckhart Tolle

Emotional Agility

by Susan David

Being Love

by Sister B K Shivani

Atmasiddhi Shastra

Srimad Rajchandra

and many more